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“I’ve enjoyed the individual and group training sessions under Rene Meulensteen. He understands the importance of skillful players and knew how to add those important aspects to my game.”

Cristiano Ranaldo

Pro Soccer Player

Meulensteen Method at DBSS

At DBSS we are proud to leverage the Meulensteen Method. This approach, benefits your child in the following ways:

  • Positive player centered development program for your child.
  • Proven successful curriculum that has the potential to make your child the best player they can be.
  • Comprehensive curriculum that addresses a player’s technical, tactical, mental and physical aspects.
  • Common theme and direction in the club.
  • Networking with other Meulensteen affiliated clubs; All-Star teams, National Indoors, College Showcase opportunities, overseas travel, etc.
  • Organized, quality coaching in a positive and fun learning environment for your child.
  • An understanding of the philosophy and mentality of our training method so you can support your child along with the coach.
  • A significant increase and continuation in the development of your child.


More About the Meulensteen Method

The founder of the Meulensteen Method Curriculum is Rene Meulensteen. Rene had great success at Manchester United with his methods and has trained top players around the world. The core beliefs of his method are:

  • Every child deserves great training to help them become the best he/she can be
  • We must create the right environment in training for the player to become successful
  • We must challenge the player and have lots of repetition to create success
  • We must coach the positives
  • We must coach in age and stage appropriate levels for the player to get the most out of the session
  • We must properly train technique, the right move, with the right timing, in the right moment
  • We must develop players to recognize and dominate the 4 different 1v1 situations
  • We must develop players to be creative and confident on the ball, without fear of making mistakes

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