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Teams, Coach, and Fees for 2023-2024 Season


Coaches- James Henderson /

Alan Jowett

U5-U6 (2018-2019) Free

U7-U8 (2016-2017) $150

U9/10 Girls $550 (Jackson $350)

U9 (2015) Girls A – Aaron Perry

U9 (2016/U8) Girls B – John Halladay

U10 (2014) Girls – Brittnay Orr 

U9/10 Boys $550 (Jackson $350)

U9 (2015) Boys A – Alan Jowett

U9 (2015) Boys B – TBD

U10 (2014) Boys A – Mike Johnson

U10 (2014) Boys B – TBD

U11/12 Elite Pathway $1050

U11 (2013) Girls – James Henderson

U11 (2013) Boys – Mike Johnson

U12/U13 Select – $550

U13 (2011/12) Girls – Matt Corbin/

Dawn Zaki

U13/14 Premier $1250

U13 (2011) Girls Premier –

Dan Bulley 

U13 (2011) Boys Premier–

Dan Bulley

U14 (2010) Boys Premier–

James Henderson

U15+ Premier Full Year $1250/Premier Half Year $650/Select Half Year $350

U15 (2009) Girls Premier or Select (Full & Half Year Options) – Dan Bulley/Matt Corbin

U15/16 (2008-2009) Boys Select or Premier – Dustin Krueger

U18 (2006-2008) Girls Premier – Dustin Krueger

U18/19 (2005-2006) Boys Premier – Dan Bulley/James Henderson

Payment plans are available upon request and scholarship applications are available for families in need.

Fees Includes: Meulensteen and DBSS Player Development Curriculum, DBSS Coaching Staff, Team Training, League Games, Minimum, Goalkeeper training U13+, League Registration Fees, Club Registration Fees, Referee Fees, Field Rental Fees, Insurance, Top Tekkers App and The Coaching Manual Online Tools

Fees Do Not Include: Additional/Encouraged Activities Such as DBSS Summer Camp and DBSS Indoor Winter Technical Training, Uniforms, Tournament Fees/Expenses, Coach Travel/Expenses, field rentals for additional practice locations other than Ramona Park


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